Acupuncture for Anxiety

“I suffered anxiety and depression over a period of time, causing me to leave my job. After trying several things I was advised to try Acupuncture. After a few treatments with Stephen I began to notice a difference of less anxiety and more confidence. After a few more treatments I feel I have fully recovered and have returned to work. I fully recommend Acupuncture.”
Mr H - Poringland

“Stephen listened really well to how I described my symptoms, showing no alarm and gently plotting the progress I was making between sessions. I felt heard and respected, my experiences valid and valued as markers along the path to feeling well.”
Ms C - Norwich

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If stress is a problem or worry that is difficult to deal with, then anxiety (or an anxiety state) could be described as an episode of general extreme worry either with or without a trigger/cause. It’s mostly in response to an event or perceived difficult situation, but sometimes it becomes chronic and almost an everyday experience.

I have helped many people over the years to gain a better perspective of themselves, and this work has also benefitted sufferers of anxiety.

I have published a Book entitled ‘It’s all about you,’ which is a self-help title. It aims to help people understand who they are in terms of self acceptance, and so can be a valuable guide to those suffering from poor self esteem, lacking self-confidence, and poor self-assertiveness as well as anxiety.

In combination with acupuncture – which is a profoundly relaxing experience in itself, I have found people react very well – through feeling better about themselves. This can also help in other areas of emotional health, as in for sufferers of panic attacks and of feeling low/depression.

I normally recommend of course of between 8-16 acupuncture treatments is necessary to help people gain a knowledgeable perspective of who they are.