Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Stephen aims to make your treatment as professional, painless and caring as possible, because this is how he would like to be treated. He is aware of people’s fears about needles but, as he frequently tells clients:

"I use a very fine, high quality, expensive South Korean needle, that’s specially designed to be patient friendly. They are inserted via a hollow plastic tube, and are literally flicked through the top layer of skin. This is where the pain cells are most concentrated, and by using this method any discomfort is kept to a minimum, generally being felt as just a slight prick, if at all. Cheaper needles tend to be thicker and in my experience cause discomfort to the client.”

"In addition, there are specific techniques in western medical and Chinese TCM acupuncture practice that call for the needles to be strongly manipulated after insertion. I do not use these methods as they may cause discomfort to the recipient."

"My aim is always to be as gentle as possible, for example Mrs S from Sprowston said "I have found Stephen's acupuncture to be virtually painless" ."

However, for more sensitive clients, or if they simply prefer, Stephen can also substitute the acupuncture needles for tiny magnets to energise the acupuncture points equally as well. They are manufactured with a small plaster backing, and can easily be stuck on the skin, and removed as easily afterwards.