Acupuncture for Frozen Shoulder

“Dear Stephen, a long overdue line to say thank you for your treatment of my very severe and debilitating frozen shoulder…”
Mr S - Norfolk

"after five treatments I must admit that my shoulder is just about better ... Thank you very much Stephen."
Mrs D - Horsford

“My shoulder and arm were treated very accurately each week, and the affected area is now 100% back to normal, with no problems since the treatment ended.”

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Frozen shoulders are a mystery to medicine. No one knows why they happen, nor is there really a cure for them, and they can last for anything up to two years.
They tend come on slowly as an achy and tight shoulder that gradually deteriorates.
At its worse, a frozen shoulder will be  immobile, and very painful - enough to disrupt sleep.

I have helped many people over the years to heal their frozen shoulders. Unfortunately however, in my experience, not everyone with this condition reacts so well to acupuncture, and some may not receive the benefits we hope for.
Consequently, I usually recommend trying a short course of between 4-6 treatments to begin with to see if it can help clients.
If they improve, then further treatment is likely to be appropriate and beneficial.
If no change has happened, its probably not worth having further treatment for it.