Acupuncture for Gout

"The whole joint was very swollen and extremely painful. I rang Stephen up and got in to see him straight away. Within the half hour session, it had calmed down enough to feel comfortable. It had took a lot of the redness out. I was flabbergasted how quickly it took the pain and inflammation out of the joint."
Mr M - West Norwich

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I am happy to see cases of gout. I tend to use magnets on the affected and swollen joints because as sufferers know, it is an intensely painful problem, and they are unable to tolerate needles.

I have regular clients of this nasty condition, who are on regular medication for it, but when it flares up they ring in and see me as soon as possible. I can help to calm the inflamed area down until the medication they use for acute flare ups kicks in.

Thereafter, I usually recommend a short course of acupuncture to completely clear the swelling and return the joint back to normal, because often clients will say the medication is effective in calming the Gout down, but doesn’t always completely remove the swelling associated with it.

Please contact me for further details.