Client Reviews - Acupuncture for Back & Neck Pain

Hi, I used Stephen Ellis and received a great professional service. Stephen went out of his way to fit me in as it was urgent and made a huge improvement to my back in just one visit, fixed in 3 appointments. Great service, friendly helpful people, will definitely be using again when required.

Mr L - Reepham

The two hearts acupuncture clinic is highly recommended my thanks to stephen his treatment certainly has helped my back problem.

Mr C - Taverham

Having suffered with a bad back and could hardly walk, I was recommended by a friend to try acupuncture with Stephen Ellis.

I was very uneasy about spending money on something that I was unsure about, but having been to my G.P. several times, there did not seem to be anything they could do to help.

So I went along to see Stephen, who I will say was a very nice guy. He put me at ease straight away, explained the treatment, and after four sessions my back pain had completely disappeared.

I have no hesitation in recommending Stephen to anybone in pain of any sort.

Mr N - Sprowston

Having suffered for several years with severe pain in my shoulder and after several visits to my GP with little success, Stephen was recommended to me and so I decided to give acupuncture a try.

I have been extremely impressed with the service I have received and the pain in my shoulder has almost been eradicated.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Stephen to anyone considering using acupuncture as a form of pain relief.

Mr R - Hellesdon

A natural sceptic at this sort of alternative thing, conventional medicine’s inability to deal with the pain from a debilitating lower back ache was the catalyst for my first visit to Stephen Ellis over 4 years ago.

Although relieving my back pain required a series of treatments, I vividly remember feeling real benefits and significant pain relief within minutes of the first session. Since then I have been a frequent visitor to Stephen (although, due to work constraints not as often as I would like) whenever I have felt twinges in my back, been suffering from minor sports injuries or simply in need of an emotional ‘lift’.

As well as the obvious physical benefits I have felt resulting from the short treatments, my acupuncture sessions – which are always incredibly relaxing such that I usually end up falling asleep – have raised my spirits and improved my morale with deep seated and uncontrollable feelings of elation.

I don’t know if acupuncture is for everyone, but if you can relate to my story I think it is certainly worth a try. I still don’t know how Stephen does it – other than with a wealth of skill and experience – but I’m certainly not an acupuncture sceptic anymore.

Mr C - Norwich

I began acupuncture treatment about 13 years ago when a traumatic event meant I was physically and mentally at a very low point in my life.

Stephen supported me in a gentle and compassionate way through the next months, changing the way I felt in mind, body and spirit, until I was able to pick up the threads of normal life.

Stephen and acupuncture were my guardian angels and life savers!

Acupuncture has helped me be more confident, cleared migraine headaches, backache and general ups and downs in life. Having regular treatments keeps me fit and healthy, and when setbacks occur I can confidently know I can soon be on the right track very quickly.

Mrs B - Norwich

I had suffered from a painful lower-back ache for 2 weeks. My GP said it was caused by inflamation and prescribed pain killers.

I saw Stephen at Mulbarton, who gave me an acupuncture session. I felt very relaxed during the treatment, and afterwards my back felt looser straight away.

The next day, I awoke and the pain was much reduced. Within 48 hours it had gone completely.

A week on, and my back feels completely normal again.

I would definitely recommend acupuncture for back ache.

Mrs S - East Carleton

I first visited Stephen for acupuncture for muscle spasm between my shoulders and that was quickly sorted out in three sessions.

I then discovered he could help me with my menopause symptoms - hot flushes, low energy and hormone swings.

My lower back pain has been so much better too and I am now going for once a month top ups to keep things stable. I haven't had a hot flush for weeks and I feel like a different person. Everyone has noticed a difference in me.

Mr A - Norfolk

I am writing to say how helpful I have found Acupuncture to be, and how the regular treatments I receive from you are enabling me to lead a very full and active life.

I have had a back problem for over forty years, and after ten years of nursing my Mother and my own advancing age, I was in increasing pain. I was referred to a pain relief clinic, where I received a steroid injection in my spine. This made the pain worse for many weeks, and I was advised that I would need surgery, or be on pain killers for the rest of my life. I refused any further treatment there and started on alternative therapies.

After trying an Osteopath, Chiropractor and Alexander Technique teacher, I started Acupuncture and found this quite the best for me.

I am now able to do my own work in my bungalow and garden, and go on holidays where I walk up to 6 miles per day on steep hills and rough ground.I really feel I do well for my 86 years (without pain killers).

Again, many thanks for your part in all this - Acupuncture really does work!!

Mr R - Hethersett

During 18 months of suffering with lower back pain I was given various traditional treatments including painkillers , physio, ostopathy, and an epidural injection. None of the treatments helped much.

A friend suggested I try acupunture and recommended Stephen Ellis. I had a few sessions and the problem now is virtually none existant.

I thoroughly recommend the treatment with Stephen.

Mr K - Norwich

I suffered a pain in the right side of my back in the Spring of 2006, and after seeing my GP and an Osteopath, with no effect, I went to see Steve.

He immediately diagnosed a spasming muscle in my back, and the relief was instantaneous after just one session of acupuncture, though it took a few more to cure the whole problem.

Then, three and a half years later, I developed the same problem in the left side of my back. I went to see Steve again, and after four sessions of acupuncture I am pain free once more.

The procedure itself is painless - all I felt was a slight pressure at the acupuncture site.

Mrs T - Mulbarton