Client Reviews - Acupuncture for Bells Palsy & Facial Neuralgia

I am writing to tell you how much my husband and I have appreciated your thoughtfulness and care throughout the duration of his treatment for the pain in his face and jaw.

The acupuncture has made an enormous difference, and he now manages without the strong painkillers prescribed by the hospital.

We also valued the unrushed atmosphere at the clinic and the way you listened to, and took notice of, all that we told you regarding the symptoms.

The helpful advice you have given concerning the ongoing care has also proved a noticeable benefit.

He will not hesitate to contact you again if the symptoms reoccur, and feels confident that further treatment would have the desired effect.

Mrs G - Bacton

Since this [Bell's Palsy] started nearly 4 months ago I haven't been able to yawn at all. This week, I can almost do it again, which is a relief. I'm eating normally again, and can almost whistle!

My face is less puffy and there's been a huge improvement in my eye - it's much less droopy, and the eyebrow has lifted up, more or less back to normal. And my eye is less watery.

I played badminton again last week and have got a renewed interest back in life. All in all its an amazing difference in just 18 days since starting acupuncture.

Mrs A - Norwich