Client Reviews - Acupuncture for Menstrual Problems

Following an assessment, Steve commenced my treatment and, as he had predicted, after six treatments my period arrived!

I'm delighted to be ten weeks pregnant now, and most grateful to Steve for giving my reproductive system the kickstart it needed.

Mrs K - Norwich

Whilst struggling to conceive I found out I had polycycstic ovaries. Three years later things hadn't improved and I was lucky to get a period a year. I then found out that Stephen could use acupuncture to help people with conception issues.

Already having treatment for my fibromyalgia from Stephen, I knew how good he was, so I asked him to treat my ovaries. Twelve sessions were recommended, and after about eight I got a period, then with continued treatment three more periods follwed, which was amazing.

Well, the next time I saw Stephen my period hadn't arrived. I did a pregnancy test, and to my surprise it was POSITIVE :-D

After a little blood loss at around seven weeks pregnant I was sent for an ultrasound to make sure all was OK, and everything was, thankfully. Incredibly though they couldn't see any cysts on my ovaries, and I am sure thats down to the acupuncture.

I highly recommend anyone who is having trouble conceiving giving acupuncture a try - and Stephen is definitely the man for the job!

Mrs S - Lowestoft

Thank you for all your help in sorting my menstrual cycle out - it has done the trick and after 6 sessions of acupuncture I am now pregnant!

I have no hesitation recommending anyone who has had problems getting pregnant to try acupuncture. After coming off the pill over a year ago my cycle was never completely regular and my period was long in duration, (over a week in length). Through Acupuncture my cycle became regular and it shortened my period to a 5 day length, which no doubt helped prepare me for pregnancy.

I can't thank you enough, it still doesn't seem real!

Mrs H - South Norfolk