Client Reviews - Acupuncture for Stress Relief

I feel totally relaxed during the treatment, almost to the point of falling asleep. It makes me feel '100%'. It feels like the treatment relaxes me for hours afterwards - its a really nice feeling.

The acupuncture makes me feel relieved of stress - my stomach is not knotted anymore.

I would recommend this to anyone.

Mr H - Poringland

I started seeing Stephen for acupuncture a few months ago. As a full time mum of 3 very young children I was exhausted and on the verge of slipping into depression. I still hadn't fully recovered from the last birth (a year ago) which had difficulties and complications.

Stephen helped to rejuvenate me and help bring me back to who I really am. I am now much more patient with the children and am happily making plans for the future. For this I am very grateful.

Mrs R - Norwich

My life was in turmoil, close to a mental breakdown, stressed, panic attacks, high blood pressure, sweating fever, irrational decisions in business and in my life, gradually getting into a deeper darker hole.

Its all gone now, I have a presence of deep calm without any drugs, just a few tiny needles!

Mr B - Norwich

Stephen was recommended to me by my daughter, and I was doubtful at first. I wanted to be positive and wanted some help. I was immediately impressed.

I felt different after one session, more relaxed, more calm and happier, so much better in myself.

I would recommend Stephen to anyone, and in fact I do. He is patient, very understanding, knowledgable, and a very good listener. I wouldn't hesitate to return if I had any more ailments.

Mrs R - Norwich

Its just so relaxing during the treatment, that I can't feel my arms or legs! I relax completely, and still feel very relaxed afterwards.

Mrs S - Diss

I am very sensitive to the side effects of drugs, so when I needed to take heart medication following a heart attack this resulted in me getting symptoms very similar to rheumatoid arthritis – mainly severe pains and stiffness in my joints. I was also struggling to cope with fears about my condition and future, and a friend said she thought that Stephen might be able to help.

The Two Hearts Clinic has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and Stephen is very knowledgeable and compassionate. I found his treatments virtually painless, and they have certainly helped to relieve my physical symptoms to a comfortable level, which I am grateful for. Also, since having acupuncture the ‘CK’ levels in my blood tests which show inflammation have reduced, allowing me to avoid having to take a chemotherapy drug to control my immune system.

Surprisingly, I have found the Acupuncture has also helped me to gradually understand my feelings and the fears that began after my heart attack, and has given me a more balanced view, so I am now mentally much stronger and able to cope better.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Acupuncture with Stephen.

Mr T - Norwich