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Recommendations with a difference:


Welcome, Mr Brown, please step in,
I'll ease your pain with a pin
And magnets on a sticky pad.
With this treatment I'll make you glad.
Be assured of what I'm telling
The acupuncture will reduce the swelling.
The ancient art of acupuncture
When applied at this juncture,
Is guaranteed to ease the pain
Directing life force from the brain.
To heal itself the body must
Learn its energy to adjust;
To free the joints that have grown tight
The pins will put the matter right.
Confucius he say, "Don't be shy,
This healing art won't make you cry!"
So,are we ready to begin?
Then I will start with this sharp pin.
They're really needles with a point,
Placed closely to the painful joint;
And as they quiver on your hand
They do the healing as I've planned.
Transfixed, Jeff watched in utter thrall,
They really did not hurt at all;
Even though these hands of mine
Appear to be a porcupine!
The treatment done the pain is eased
And Mr Brown is really pleased.
And now the bill he has to pay
He'll come again another day.

Mr Stephen Ellis.
He one clever fellis;
He take the frown from Mr Brown.
Now he smile all the while.
© Jeff Brown

Sometimes you get aches and pains
You go to the doctor but his attention wanes
Around about this juncture
You think "why not try acupuncture".
For a little prick, the price is not bad
You've got two options one happy and one sad
So off you go with knickers new
To see things from the needleman's view
Tell him your problems to make quite sure
This man ex Claims can insure
that all your pains will disappear
With just a few treatments and a lot less beer.
Lie on the bed and wait in expectation
There that's all done, he claims with elation.
Blimey I didn't feel a thing
But my hip feels better and I start to sing
You'll be a lot better on your pins
Now our man has pierced your sins.
I hope it succeeds
As on my knees
I say a prayer to the Chinese.

© Keith Oldrey


There's an acupuncture needle stuck in my cheek,
Several up my legs and quite a few in my feet.
I feel like a hedgehog with porcupine quills
But I know that this will help some of my ills!
Gradually and quietly I become quite still,
My heart stops racing and I feel less hot,
My joints loosen up - the pain becomes less
I am beginning to feel wonderfully blessed.
As I jump off the table and dance round the room
I discover I haven't really lost my 'va va vroom'!
My energy was blocked and now it's released
I don't feel depressed, sad thoughts have ceased,
I am off to search for a cup of lovely green tea
And enjoy being that person – 'wonderful me'!

© Anne Davies