Client Reviews - Acupuncture for Post Surgery Trauma

Following radiotherapy for cancer of the tongue and neck I had a radical neck dissection. This involved removal of the lymph nodes on the right hand side of the neck plus spinal accessory nerve, sterocleidomastoid muscle and internal jugular vein.

The after effects of surgery were severe: face, ear, neck and shoulder were numb and inflamed; shoulder movement was severely restricted and very painful. I was in acute distress.

Limited double blind trials in America had indicated that acupuncture may be effective in relieving symptoms.

1 month after the operation I contacted Stephen and began treatment, with almost immediate relief of the most severe symptoms. Further treatment resulted in a gradual loss of numbness and restoration of normal sensations. Pain reduction gave me greater mobility of my shoulder girdle.

I believe that acupuncture resulted in a significant improvement in healing time and was certainly effective in relieving symptoms.

Mrs B - Norwich