Acupuncture for Sciatica

“After 4 sessions with Stephen the pain has gone totally and at long last I am able to lay on my right side and walk with no pain.”
Mrs P - Norwich

“I am amazed with the speed of the treatment & the significant reduction in pain with each session.”
Mrs S - Norwich

“Having suffered from sciatica for 2 weeks I visited Steve for acupuncture. After 3 sessions I was completely cured.”
Mr R - Norwich

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Sciatica is a nasty and painful condition. It is not just a bit of back ache, it is inflammation of the sciatic nerve that causes pain to radiate across the lower back, and refer into the buttocks.
Sometimes sciatic pain may refer down the leg, as far as the toes.

As long as the nerve isn't impinged by a slipped or bulging disc, then treatment of sciatica by acupuncture is usually successful in my knowledge. I have lots of good experience treating this problem.

For simple cases, 3-4 acupuncture treatments is generally enough to restore health.
For more complex cases, a course of between 6-10 treatments is recommended.
Please contact me for advice on how I can help you.