Acupuncture for Self Help / Poor Self Esteem

“After just a few visits I was already beginning to feel stronger and more confident. I continued the sessions but less frequently until after a few months I had re-gained my self-esteem and was looking to the future. I was also sleeping better and generally feeling healthier and more positive.”

“I first visited Stephen after finding it hard to move on following a family bereavement. I had also been made redundant from a job that I really enjoyed and I found it difficult to settle into anything. After my first visit I felt much better, even just talking things through with Stephen helped me tremendously and I was able to put things into perspective.”

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Poor self-esteem is when we know we feel negative about ourselves and hold a poor self-image of who we are. There are many causes. The first step to changing our behaviour is but when we recognise we are feeling this way about ourselves. The next step is that by recognising the way we are feeling, we now have an opportunity to change our behaviour. The third step is to seek help.

I have done some good work in this area over the years, and have even published a Book entitled ‘It’s all about you,’ which is a self-help title. It aims to help people understand who they are in terms of self-acceptance, and so can be a valuable guide to those suffering from poor self-esteem, lacking self-confidence, and poor self-assertiveness.

I take great pleasure in helping people gain a better understanding of themselves through giving them an overview that they can work with and hopefully move on in their lives from. I help people to turn to themselves to give themselves what they need in order to heal/grow.

In combination with acupuncture – which is a profoundly relaxing experience in itself, I have found people react very well – through feeling better about themselves. This can also help in other areas of emotional health, as in for sufferers of general anxiety, panic attacks and of feeling low/depression.

I normally recommend of course of between 8-16 acupuncture treatments is necessary to help people gain a knowledgeable perspective of who they are.