Acupuncture for Sinusitis & Ear Problems

“I have suffered with Sinus for a number of years, the worst times being the beginning of the four seasons e.g. Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. I was introduced to Acupuncture - what a life saver! I would recommend it to anyone. Stephen Ellis you are a hero thank you.”
Mr S - Norwich

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I usually get fantastic results with blocked sinuses, whether they are frontal or in the ear cavities.

Typically, sinuses become blocked through infection or allergy – which can be seasonal, in response to specific triggers, such as pets or flower pollen, or chronic – presenting as a drippy nose or rhinitis.

If the nose is congested by clear mucus, that makes it difficult to breathe through one or both nostrils – then, mostly 3-4 visits is enough to clear the nose and aid normal breathing again.

If the mucus membranes are infected, with tenderness - if touching either below the eyes on the cheeks and/or above the eyes on the forehead, with accompanying dull pain/sinus headache and a coloured discharged from the nose - then acupuncture can still be very effective but naturally the length of treatment required is likely to be longer. Clients should allow for up to 6-10 visits.

Ear Problems

Ears can also become blocked, usually by virtue of viral/bacterial infections – and in acute cases, use of antibiotics can be appropriate – obviously prescribed by your General Practioner.

Congestion in the ear cavities can lead to various symptoms – such as a blocked feeling in the ear (as if there is water in it), a heaviness in the side of the head and face, pain in the ear itself, or in the side of the face/head in front or behind the ear in the estuation tube, and also crackling sounds coming from within the ear – and in some cases even temporary deafness. Depending upon the severity of the symptoms presented, generally allow 6-10 visits for treatment.

In some cases, problems affecting the inner ear can manifest as dizziness, vertigo, loss of balance, background nausea, noise sensitivity, which can lead to a loss of confidence and even cause anxiety episodes. Again, allow for between 6-10 visits – but for viral illnesses such as Labyrinthitis affecting the inner ear – generally 10-20 treatments will be required, at weekly intervals to begin (or even twice weekly) with eventually monthly treatments as the condition improves. It can sometimes take up to a year to fully recover.