Acupuncture for Tendonitis / Bursitis

“I had been suffering from pain in my wrist from a condition diagnosed as tendonitis for 6 months and it was getting progressively worse ... even after the first session I experienced some relief, and now after a total of six sessions I can truly say that the tendonitis has gone.”
Mrs H – South Norfolk

“After 4 years of pain and inconclusive medical investigations, after just 4 Acupuncture treatments with Stephen, my Achilles Tendonitis is much improved. I can walk normally again without pain. I even played badminton last week without a problem! Amazing...”
Matthew - Norwich

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There are as many tendons and ligaments in the body as there are joints, and when they are injured through trauma such as sprains or strains, overuse or through disease, chronic inflammation may set it.

When this happens, swelling, pain and restrictions in joint mobility may occur, which can impact upon the lifestyle of people.

A bursa is a protective sac of fluid found commonly in joints and they may also become chronically inflamed.

I have lots of good experience and success in treating inflammations and pain in general, and generally I recommend a course of acupuncture of between 4-8 sessions for tendonitis or ligament sprains.

Bursa’s can take longer, and require intensive treatment, I generally recommend between 6-12 visits depending upon how difficult the case is.

Please contact me for advice on your case.