Acupuncture for Depression

“Having a number of persistent depressive symptoms, which were affecting body and mind I tried acupuncture for the first time with Stephen. After the first treatment my negative state started to dissipate, and within three sessions they had diminished markedly. After six months these ailments have not returned, and I am enjoying good physical and mental health.”
Mr Y - Norwich

“I began acupuncture treatment about 13 years ago when a traumatic event meant I was physically and mentally at a very low point in my life. Stephen supported me in a gentle and compassionate way through the next months, changing the way I felt in mind, body and spirit, until I was able to pick up the threads of normal life. Stephen and acupuncture were my guardian angels and life savers!”
Mrs B - Norwich

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My interpretation of depression would be to describe it as an inability to cope anymore. It is commonly labelled as a ‘breakdown’ and suggests that sufferers reach a point where they are unable to function normally any longer. They shut down.
Obviously, once broken, the pieces can take a good while to put back together and this process can take many years. In milder cases, the initially breakdown maybe over quite quickly, and logically so can the recovery – but as we all know – emotionally recoveries are harder to predict than physical ones. 

I have done some good work in this area over the years, and have even published a Book entitled ‘It’s all about you,’ which is a self-help title. It aims to help people understand who they are in terms of self-acceptance, and so can be a valuable guide to those suffering from poor self-esteem, lacking self-confidence, and poor self-assertiveness. Emotional issues which are all barriers to people dealing with depression.

If you would like to try a relaxing therapy, with an experienced and supportive therapist as an aid to help you in your struggle to overcome depression, then why not give acupuncture a try? Acupuncture can be safely combined with anti-depressant medication.

I normally suggest that people should allow for 6-12 visits for simple cases of feeling low with a reason.
For cases of feeling low with no obvious cause, then 8-20 visits should be considered.
For cases of breakdown/depression, then 12-24 visits may be necessary for people to gain an idea of where they are and where they could be going.