Client Reviews - Acupunture for Depression

I suffered anxiety and depression over a period of time, causing me to leave my job. After trying several things I was advised to try Acupuncture.

After a few treatments with Stephen I began to notice a difference of less anxiety and more confidence. After a few more treatments I feel I have fully recovered and have returned to work.

I fully recommend Acupuncture.

Mr H - Poringland

I began acupuncture treatment about 13 years ago when a traumatic event meant I was physically and mentally at a very low point in my life.

Stephen supported me in a gentle and compassionate way through the next months, changing the way I felt in mind, body and spirit, until I was able to pick up the threads of normal life.

Stephen and acupuncture were my guardian angels and life savers!

Acupuncture has helped me be more confident, cleared migraine headaches, backache and general ups and downs in life. Having regular treatments keeps me fit and healthy, and when setbacks occur I can confidently know I can soon be on the right track very quickly.

Mrs B - Norwich

Having a number of persistent depressive symptoms, which were affecting body and mind I tried acupuncture for the first time wit Stephen.

After the first treatment my negative state started to dissipate, and within three sessions they had diminished markedly. After six months these ailments have not returned, and I am enjoying good physical and mental health.

Acupuncture seems to have rebalanced my natural energy, which is quite a different and more life affirming state to that of being medicated.

If you have a general malaise, I would wholeheartedly recommend acupuncture. Stephen says he does not chase symptoms, but in my case he sure as hell banished them!

Mr Y - Norwich

I found Stephen on the internet after my brother and I made a pact to each help ourselves feel better. I had been suffering from anxiety, paranoia and feeling incredibly low. I had been to the GP and had blood tests and there was no effective treatment available to explain my symptoms.

To her credit my GP said that my idea to have acupuncture might well be a good choice. I rang Stephen to make an appointment and he said that the sessions were 30 minutes long I couldn't quite believe that we could make any changes in that time. All the way through Stephen explained it would be fine from that phone call throughout the course of treatment, he listened really well to how I described my symptoms, showing no alarm and gently plotting the progress I was making between sessions. I felt heard and respected, my experiences valid and valued as markers along the path to feeling well.

Stephen has a very straightforward, practical approach and is a very experienced and skilled practitioner. The treatments have clearly made a difference and I'm really glad I took the iniative to help myself. Thanks Stephen!

Ms C - Norwich

I have been treated by Steve Ellis several times over the past years for various problems.  Because the treatment has generally been helpful I returned recently to see if acupuncture could help with three problems: namely an arthritic joint, urine frequency and a general low mood.

I have had four treatments and my joint is almost pain free, I am less troubled with he urine frequency and my mood is now back to normal.

For me, acupuncture has been extremely helpful and I will certainly return to Steve in the future if I have further problems. 

He is patient, very understanding and a good listener.

Mrs K - Norwich