Acupuncture for Post Surgery Trauma

“1 month after the operation I contacted Stephen and began treatment, with almost immediate relief of the most severe symptoms……I believe that acupuncture resulted in a significant improvement in healing time and was certainly effective in relieving symptoms.” 
Mrs. B. Norwich

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Most operations involve an intrusion into the physical body, which can result in tissue and especially nerves becoming disturbed. This leads to inflammation, swelling and pain until the body has the time and opportunity to heal itself.

Acupuncture is effective in helping to ease inflammation, reduce swelling and calm pain. I am happy to see clients who would like treatment after operations to assist in their healing process, and have helped many people over the years.

I also see people who are left in inappropriate pain, in that they are still experiencing symptoms after what would normally be expected. Sometimes long after, 6 months or a year or more – they still have swellings and/or pain which in theory should have long subsided. I mostly attribute these types of inappropriate symptoms to where ‘the nerve has healed up wrong.’ In other words, the nerve is chronically dysfunctional, in that it thinks it is behaving normally, when in fact it is behaving as still injured.

As a general guide, the earlier you can start treatment the better – especially because as times goes by, it becomes increasingly more difficult to change the nerves behaviour.

A course of 4-6 acupuncture sessions is recommended to see how effective the therapy may be for you, but because as you can imagine each case will be significantly different, please contact me with your individual circumstances, and I can advise you properly.