Client Reviews - Acupuncture for Sciatica

Having suffered from sciatica for 2 weeks I visited Steve for acupuncture. After 3 sessions I was completely cured.

I will not hesitate to go back to him with any future back problems. This guy is highly recommended!

Mr R - Norwich

I have suffered years of sciatic pain following a major operation on my back, and had further problems caused by degeneration of the spine.

My specialist and GP tried several procedures and types of pain relief, including numerous attempts at an epidural, all to no avail.

Whilst on one of my many visits to the GP, my carer picked up a leaflet advertising Stephen's services and I decided to give it a go.

It took several appointments to get it under control, but it worked!!! Occassionally I still get a re-occurence, but its great - I just pick up the phone and book in with Stephen, and after a couple of visits I am up and about running again!!!

After all the money I have spent on private treatment acupuncture is the best money I've ever spent.

Mrs S - Hellesdon

The following client was suffering from acute sciatica - with pain referred down 1 leg as far as her toes. She was taking very strong medication, which only took the edge off her symptoms.

After a course of acupuncture, she commented as follows:

"I cannot emphasize enough how much your treatment has helped me. After 6 weeks I was more like my old self, and the pain had reduced immensely."

Mrs B - Norwich

About 4 years ago I had a very bad bout of Sciatica - I was on holiday in Scotland and could hardly walk.

In desperation I went to Stephen for Acupuncture twice. After the second lot of treatment I made progress every day, and about a week later I was back to normal.

Mrs G - Mulbarton

The leg is feeling and moving much easier. Many thanks.

Mrs H - Taverham

I would wholeheartedly recommend the acupuncture treatment given to me by Stephen Ellis over the last few weeks for the relief of my arthritic and sciatic pain.

The sessions were stress free and I am now able to walk with less pain.

I am so pleased to have taken advantage of the acupuncture therapy given by Stephen.

Mrs G - North Walsham

I have been very busy seeing my youngest go back to East Africa I am now waiting to hear when I can go and visit, something I would not be contemplating if you had not worked the magic of acupuncture.

I am amazed with the speed of the treatment & the significant reduction in pain with each session. I hope I never suffer with this condition again, but I do know that you will be my first call should it happen.

Best Christmas present I could have given myself!!

Mrs S - Norwich

Over years of doing heavy lifting work I had damaged my sciatic nerve, and had trouble walking far as it left me with a tingling sensation in my right leg. This then left me unable to lay on my right side without being in considerable pain.

I felt my only option was to continue as I was on regular pain relief medication.

Acupuncture was recommended to me, and I thought I had nothing to lose, so would give it a go.

After 4 sessions with Stephen the pain has gone totally and at long last I am able to lay on my right side and walk with no pain.

Since having acupuncture I no longer need or rely on pain relief medication for the first time in many years.

Mrs P - Norwich